Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hawaiian party at school

This is Catherine and Luke at the Hawaiian party we had at Jane and Catherine's school. Love those pink Hawaiian Punch lips Luke!

I didn't mean to but I uploaded this picture twice and I don't know how to delete it yet! Sorry. Double the pleasure for you all:)

Jane holding her new cousin Emmie. Can you tell she is just a LITTLE excited to hold babies? She is already saying things like "I know, I know mom, I am going to have to change Mack's diapers and feed him. It will just be my job." I don't want to crush her by telling her she isn't quite big enough do all those things. Catherine is just as excited! Yikes! I can tell Mack is going to be mothered quite a bit whether he likes it or not!

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Mandy said...

You look great! Enjoy the two pieces of cake while you can.

Your girls will be great little mothers. You may never have to get up to fetch a diaper.