Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big belly mama! Only I can say that.

Stu's resident program threw a baby shower for me and two other people having babies in the program. This is Jennifer his fellow resident- she is due two weeks before me! They gave us these huge ribbon/bow things to wear but I notice that she took hers off! I didn't know you could take it off!
CAKE! They were so sweet and had a boy cake just for Mack. The others are having girls. I look so happy ready to eat the cake! I had a piece for Mack too:)
My Hawaiian men. Stu was a good sport that night. What dad isn't just so excited to go to some old, small, hot, smelly elementary school lunch room for some warm Hawaiian Punch and dry cookies? Not to mention the beautiful accessories they had us put on! Lucky dad!


anderson's said...

Christine~ You are too cute! I wish we were there to celebrate with you guys! We miss you!!

The Dish said...

Hi! SO great to see that you are bloggin'! You look great and we are excited for little Mack to make his big debut!

Familia Bethers said...

YOU LOOK AMAZING! Christine, it's Aileen Bethers! I saw your blog link on Dan & Cathy's page and just had to see! Hope that's okay! Your kids are all grown up! I can't believe it! You all look so good and happy :) I'd love to send you an invite to my blog so email me at reybeth95@gmail.com

When's your due date? Do you know what you're having?

Missy said...

Christine, You look so cute with your belly! I dont think I am ever that cute at 9 months! I heard you had a doctors appt. today, Mabie your in the hospital now, I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to hear when little Mack comes!!! Love you and GOOD LUCK!

anderson's said...

Christine, Good luck today! I will call you later today or tomorrow! I can't wait to see pictures! Love ya!