Saturday, October 11, 2008

More of our little Mack attack

Well I am happy to say our little Mack man is here and well and I am so glad it is all over!!! :) On wed. the 8th we went into the hospital at about 2:30 and things were going great. It wasn't until I realized that the epidural was only working on my right leg. Yikes! You don't need more details than that. Anyway, little Mack came into this world at 6:38pm and was kicking and crying a lot. He was so pink and just an active little guy. He has a lot of hair, especially in the back and I must say I am truly in love with him! He looks like a good mix between Jane and Luke, but I think he has his own little look. There are so many times when I look at him and I just think he looks exactly like Luke though! I am so happy he is here and the Segura clan is happy to add him to our little family. We love you all!

Kids holding Mack

Catherine is such a doll! She couldn't be more excited to hold Mack.
Jane was loving holding Mack too. Her smile says it all. I love those little feet sticking out.
Luke just kept looking at him wondering how he got here. Mack looks so much like Luke here.
Happy big brother! Luke is wearing a "I'm a big brother" pin the hospital gave him.
Stu with his two boys! I cant believe how blessed we are the have these two boys.

coming home to 3 excited kids

We came home from the hospital to a fun "welcome home" sign thanks to Nana and the kids. They were sooooo excited to see their little Mack again. Thanks Nana!
Mack's first night at home. What a joy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Mack has arrived!!!

Well, today it all went down. We went to the hopsital this afternoon for the induction. All was going smooth until the contractions really started. It turns out that the epidural didn't really work out as only Christine's right leg got the effects. She did great and was able to get through labor even with all the pain and our new boy Mack was born at about 6:40pm (6 lbs. 11 oz. 17.5 in). Christine and Mack are both doing great. I'm sure more posts will be coming in the future. Here are a few pics.