Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Loving Utah

Hello to all! Greetings from Highland, Ut. I can't believe we really live here. I am sorry for not posting anything lately, things have seemed a bit crazy. We love the house we are renting-and are happy we didn't buy right away because there are so many awesome houses to choose from we want to take our time and pick the right one in the right location. Stu is loving work (I have even heard him refer to it as being "fun") which is a good sign and his commute is not bad. I am SOOOOOOOOOO loving being so close to my sisters and parents and most of all the kids just can't get enough of all the cousins to play with. So overall, things are happy for us. I am going to be better with writing new entries on here, it's just one busy summer! And I am leaving my dear husband and going back up to the cabing for another week. Anyway, love to you all. And everyone who is reading this and will visit Utah anytime soon (vacation, byu football, christmas) you have to come visit us!
We got these pictures done for free by a lady at Loma linda who was friends with Stu. It was a joke trying to get us all to look at the same time, but i just love this picture.
Mack is getting so big! He is the party of our house-everyone wants to be close to him. He just makes everyone so happy. He got Stu's blue eyes. I am a cheese ball, I know.
At least in this one we are all looking in the same direction. I love Catherine's little dance move with the hands and pointed toe:) that is so her.
I love the way Luke is trying to do some pose like his sisters in this one. He's just not a natural poser like the girls. I guess that is a good thing:)