Thursday, January 21, 2010

Segura family fun time- freezing cold!

Hello to all our friends and family. We are having so much fun here in Utah, I am honestly still pinching myself to make it real that I really live here! It is so fun being close to family and we are making new friends here that we will keep forever! (Sorry, i can't get rid of the underline)

We went to temple square in December with my sister Liz and her family (we LOVE getting together with them!) It was such a fun night. First, we went to Crown Burger- it is delicious but you can only go there about once a year because it is so bad for you! Then we went to temple square to see the beautiful lights. There is truly something magical about temple square in December with the lights and the manger scene and the visitors center. It is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

I love this picture of Mack because he just looks so dang cute! I had him bundled up big time!

This picture makes me laugh because it looks like the kids just got caught doing something bad. I loved going to the Temple Square Visitors Center and seeing this statue of Christ. My great grandpa actually gave this very statue (in the picture behind the kids) as a gift to the Church. There is such a special feeling here!

I love to see the Temple! It was so beautiful.

The kiddo's had so much fun and although it was so very cold, the kids had a blast. I love this picture because there is no one Mack would rather be with than Jane, Catherine and Luke. Just the other night he just ran into their room looking for them and was just laughing and playing with them and made me realize how much he loves them.
I promise I will post some pictures of our house soon!