Saturday, March 14, 2009

Segura's in real life

I had so much fun taking pictures of my two little men! Luke loves his baby "Macky Boy" so much. He has to hold him by himself at least five times a day. Every time only lasts about 10 seconds. They look so alike. I love Mack's smile! Out of no where Jane or Catherine will get everyone to chant "Mack, Mack, Mack . . . . . ." over and over again and Mack automatically starts to grin from ear to ear and giggle. I love it. He really brings a lot of love into our home.
Daddy's boys
Jane and Catherine had a girls night sleepover with Nana and aunte Millie so Luke got to fall asleep in our bed that night. When I saw Stu, Luke and Mack all together in the bed I had to get out my camera. I love my Segura men. I was out numbured that night!
Mack looks a little concerned in this picture. Catherine tries so hard to make him happy and LOVES to hold him. At first it was a little hard but lately Mack loves going to hear. She can make him smile really fast and gets him laughing in no time. All of Catherines baby pictures look EXACTLY like Mack. Everyone says he looks like Luke or Stu but Catherines baby pictures look more like him than anyone. I love how they love eachother so much.
I love my little family!! This picture is my favorite because it makes me realize how each one of my kids adds their own piece to our family. I don't know what I would do without any one of them. I also noticed that Jane and Luke have such similar facial features, even their skin tones and Mack and Catherine have similar facial features. I have a boy and girl version of each. What will number 5 be like? (Not that it's happening any time soon)
Stu was really napping with Mack and he wasn't loving being woken up by the flash. It was just so cute though I had to take it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I must repent for neglecting my blog

Hello everyone! I want to repent for neglecting this blog, I know it's not that hard to post things every once in a while but it seems like we have just been so busy. So i am just going to update you on the big stuff and I will put pictures up soon. Starting in January we realized we needed to sell this condo. So we got a great agent (Diane Hull) who told us that we needed to get this house on the market as soon as possible. The market is so bad right now that she wanted to try and get it sold before it got worse! Yikes! On that happy note (not really) We got new carpet, got a storage unit to put most of our clutter in and had my mom come down to help decorate it. We spent about 3 weeks just focusing on the house and practically nothing else. So we had our first open house in the middle of Feb. and luckily the first people that went through wanted it! Yee Haw! We were so thrilled. We agreed on a price that we were both happy with and started into escrow. They wanted a 12 day escrow which was scary seeing that we are a family of 6! But luckily we worked it out so we are renting it back from them for the next 3 months. We officially closed escrow with them on friday and so we are now renters! We are so totally thankful that it turned out this way, we are still pinching ourselves.

Stu is excited about his job he has waiting for him in Salt Lake and we are now in the process of looking for somewhere to live in Utah. We are thinking of the Highland area and are going to Utah in two weeks to look for a good rental. We want to rent for the first 6mo. to a year so we can get a feel for where exactly we want to end up buying. So anyone reading this that lives in that area, if you see a great house for rent, let me know! I will officially be moving up to Utah in the beginning of June and Stu will follow at the very end of June when his program ends. Mack is just doing great. I cant' believe he is almost 5 months now! Over all we feel so blessed and things just seem to be falling into place. We are excited to start a new chapter of life in Utah but will totally miss our California experience. We have really loved it here. I hope I have updated you enough. I promise to be a better blogger and as soon as I find the right cord (even if I have to go to the storage unit!) I will be putting pictures up. Don't count me out! I am going to be better! Any advise on a good area to look in Utah will be happily accepted! We love hearing from you all. Segura fam