Monday, November 16, 2009

We finally bought our house!_s

I just wanted to tell everyone the exciting news that we are moving in two days to our new home! It has really been a long, drawn out process but we closed on friday and to be honest I am still pinching myself! It is only two blocks from the rental we live in now and the VERY BEST part about it is that we will still be in the same ward! We have honestly fallen in love with this ward and I wanted to stay in it so bad. We love the home, it was a short sale so they yard is all weeds but we don't care. It is in a circle and I can see the field in back of their new elementary school from our back yard! COOL! I love that I can watch my kids walk to and from school every day. We feel so blessed! I honestly never thought we would call Highland permanant home, I always wanted to live closer to Provo, but we are and I love it. Pictures to come later!

Anyone reading this, please give me your address because I am trying to get our Christmas list together! Or email it to me: