Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy birthday Mack and updates

Hello to all! I am so sorry I have totally neglected this blog. I am sorry and so I will try to update it. Life is so happy here in Utah. Stu is really loving work. He feels so lucky to be working with people that he really likes and they are honest and good and it's just a great situation. I am loving where we live SOOOO much! I can't believe how much we love the ward and the neighborhood. Halloween was so much fun in our neighborhood. It was the perfect weather, every house we went to was in our ward and everyone is so nice here! Jane was a butterfly, Catherine was a ballerina, Luke was a storm trooper and Mack was the perfect pumpkin! Pictures will follow of that. I don't have them right now and if I wait until i get them then it will be forever! Mack turned 1 on Oct.8th and oh he melts me! He is the best walker too! He walks everywhere and is just so much fun. I turned 31 on Oct. 27th and I had a great night out with Stu. Anyway, we are all doing great. We are working on buying a home and I will let you know when something is final. Sorry the pictures are so random, they are for Mack's birthday. That is all for now. We are happy and well. I will be better with updating this blog!:)

My Mack just being so cute!

This is so random but I love my dad and Luke loves his Papa!


Rach said...

Yay, I love your cute family! Keep the blog posts coming!

Terra Zobrist said...

We definitely need to see you guys when we come up to Utah, whenever that will be. You sound so happy. I think about you a lot.

Amy F said...

Cute and fun. Glad Halloween was so much fun. Can't wait to hear a final verdict on your house.

We still need to get together for dinner and playtime. Maybe after the holidays!! Ha

Leticia said...

Hi Christine...
DO you remember me...?? I got you from Sara Hull's blog...
I remember you from Loma Linda Ward, and YOUR 2 beautiful baby girls at that time...And for you teaching us at an Enrichment how to make that yummy popcorn and M & M snack..the one with the white chocolate....YUM!!! I still make that because of you!
HOW's it going...>????
Did Stu finish school...???

YOU have a beautiful family! YOUR kids are darling,and you guys look like YOU NEVER EVER age!!!
We have 2 girls, and 2 boys as well!!!
IT's the BEST!
I hope all is well with you...
Keep in touch if you like!
Have a good weekend...
Leticia Beck