Wednesday, August 19, 2009

random pictures

These pictures are a little random but i wanted to post them anyway! This is Stu and the kids at a party.
I love this one of Jane and Catherine! They are really good buds.
I love this one on the grass at Loma Linda. Luke is holding Mack with the help of Bobo (stu's dad). We love Bobo!
This picture cracks me up! Mack is so cute with the backwards hat. Jane is just doing what she always does-love Mack. And Catherine is her own little actress self doing the scared scene from some poorly made horror movie. She is always so much fun!
All is going well here in Utah. Stu is loving his job and I am loving where we live soooo much. We are even considering buying in this area. Well, gotta go to bed. My next post wont be so random:)


Rach said...

I love these photos! That last one of Catherine makes me crack up...she sure has personality, and I love that!

Lisa Burbidge said...

Looks like fun times!! We are glad you are back as well!!!

meganiris said...

love the pictures. did the kids start school yet? Jasmine & Kailee started last Thursday. You've had 2 in school already but I still can't believe I do now. Hey, what is your address over there anyways?