Sunday, May 10, 2009

A full heart . . . .(Warning: I am in cheese ball mode)

This mothers day my heart is so full and I almost don't have words to express the way I feel. First of all just looking at this picture of my four beautiful children has for the first time made me feel old. But for some strange reason, it is a happy old. I like it. It has also made me feel a sense of accomplishment. I just can't believe I have four kids. I have a happy marriage to a man who I love deeply and also happens to be my favorite person to just hang out with. We have our health and I am hopeful for our future. If you had told me ten years ago that when I was 30 I would have all that, I would have thought it too good to be true. I am not trying to say that my life is perfect, I absolutely have days when I just want to pull my hair out. I guess what I am saying is that as I reflect on my life I take great satisfaction in it. And I would be ungrateful if I did not say I know it has all come because of having the gospel in my life. It is the only way to happiness and I see it affect me in a million different ways every day.
I wanted to post this picture of Stu because I am just so thankful to have him. (And because he looks so cute in it) :) For mothers day we went out on a date (woo woo) and he was just so good to me. First we went for lettuce wraps and Mongolian Beef at my favorite restaurant, P.F. Changs. (that was not on my diet plan but hey, it's mother's-day-week, right?) Then the plan was to go see a movie but I what I really wanted to do was shop. So Stu followed me around all night while I tried things on and got his opinion. He, like all men, does not love to shop a lot but I was impressed because he kept a smile on his face all night. Then today, on mothers day, he and the kids made me breakfast, did all the house work, and we had a blast at Nana and Bobo's house. (my inlaws) Then I topped it off with a two hour nap. It was (here is a cheese ball part) the best mother's day I could have asked for. Thanks hun.
My "Mackey Boy" as he is called around here. Oh I could eat him up! And I do. On a daily basis.
I thought this picture was funny because I come into the room and I can hear Mack just laughing so hard. Jane had him on her and they were just so cute together! I already have BIG plans for Jane to be my #1 babysitter! Yee haw for having girls:)


{sara} said...

Your kids are just too cute!!

My e-mail is

Send me your e-mail (I don't remember anything unless it's written down!) & I'll send you an invite!

anderson's said...

I love your family too! We are so grateful for your friendship! Happy Mother's Day to one of the best Moms I know!

Millicent said...

Sigh...I miss you, Stuie and these kids. They're just too cute.

Kelly said...

Christine you are so darling! I love reading your posts and this one especially touched my heart. You and Stu are amazing and your children are absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful life! :)

Sarah Hull said...

You deserved an awesome Mother's Day because you are wonderful!!
I am dying of jealously that you got to go shopping with your husband! That is just too fun!
Those pictures with Jane and Mack are PRECIOUS!
Keep up the awesome work with the weight loss. If you want to join our weight loss blog (that a friend of mine started let me know. It is SUCH a huge help to me)!

Sarah Hull said...

Hi Christine,
Just send me your email and I will pass it on to my friend. Since it's a private blog, she'll need your email to get access to it.
It helps me out so much!

Terra Zobrist said...

I miss you so much. I am glad that you had a great mothers day, you deserve it. We really have to get together.