Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween at the Segura home

Cat woman! Catherine is actually wearing a pig mask here but I thought it was a cat. She looks so dramatic though. I love her eyes.

Luke was Super man for Halloween. He was concerned that his cape wasn't flowing enough so for the first few hours I had to follow behind him and lift his cape like he was flying through the air. He was so cute.

Jane was our Barbi princess, Catherine was a beautiful bride and Luke was saving the day as super man. We had so much fun at Halloween, Luke still begs to go trick or treating again. He loves candy like his mom!

Catherine the bride.

Super Luke!

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Camille Bennett said...

I just love your little family so much and wish I could kiss all 4 of those cute cheeks all of the time! Thanks for the update pictures, your little guy is just the cutest thing... you really have such a beautiful family. We love and miss you! *Camille